There is so much to see in the New Church. Wherever you stand, you will gain a different perspective of its architecture and the curiosities it holds. But if you look towards the entrance from William of Orange's mausoleum, there is just one object dominating the view: the giant pipe organ…

Honest and reliable
With more than 3,000 pipes, the organ in the New Church is one of the three large ones made by Jonathan Bätz. This famous organ maker from Utrecht, built this one between 1837 and 1839, and it is still in full working order. In Bätz's words: ‘In the absence of any disasters, we will be lauded for delivering an honest and reliable piece of work even two hundred years after our death', and he has been proved right.

The organ in the New Church is still used every Sunday to lead the congregational hymns. It has a classic sound, but with some audibly ‘romantic' influences. The organs in the Old and New Church are both often played as part of concert performances. Refer to the agenda for up-to-date listings.


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