The Old and New Chruch can offer you several facilities during your event. For more information and prices feel free to contact us or fill in the information request form.

From beginning to end
When you have a business or personal event you want everything to be perfect. At the Old and New Church you have nothing to worry about! We can work together to make sure your event will be a succes.

The Old and New Church has very good partnerships with different catering companies. We can make sure that your catering will be perfectly organised. If you just want a cup of coffee or if you want an extensive dinner with a beautifully decorated table, everything is possible! Of course there is also an opportunity for you to hire your own caterer.

Because the Old and New Church are old buildings, there is a chance that when it's cold outside, it could be cold inside as well. Of course your guests won't like that, so we have placed a heater in our church. There are a few diffent options with the heater. You can warm up the whole church or just use the bench heater. Together we will decide what's best for your event. During the summer you probably won't need to use these heaters.

The Old Church has three rooms available: The ‘Wilhelminaroom', the baptistery and the recently renovated consistory. There is also the possibility to rent these rooms without the church. At the New Church we have a few different options. You can hire the consistory by the entrance or one of the three rooms at the end of the church. Every room has its own price rate.

Historical timeline

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