Princess Mabel and Prince Friso are married in the Old Church of Delft. This location fits your wedding service perfectly. The Old Church has facilities for small and larger groups.

In the past hundred years many famous and less famous people got married in one of the most beautiful churches of Holland, the Old Church of Delft.

This church is ultimately suitable for your wedding service because we can work with different setups. For example if you have a small society you can have your wedding service at the chancel while the naval hero Piet Hein will keep an eye on you. But of course you can also choose the liturgical centre in the centre of the church or one of the other many options.

Before or after the ceremony you can make use of our spacious catering service. If you want a small reception or an extensive dinner, it is all possible. 

New Church / Old Church
Of course the New Church on the market is also an amazing church for your wedding service. The conditions to use this church are more complicated than the Old Church. Feel free to ask more about the possibilities!

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